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Custom Glow Worms
More Glow Worms-CLOSED- by Ziratoni
Glow Worm customs for Riverthunder by Ziratoni
Glow Worms-CLOSED- by Ziratoni
10 points for 10 custom glow worms. Please include the below details when asking for them.

Base Colour:
Belly Colour:
Markings: (Spots/Stripes/Rings/Blotches/Hearts/Diamonds/Clubs/Spades)
Marking Colour:
Glow Colour:
Eye Colour: (yes, Heterochromia is acceptable.)
Accessories: (i.e. a Bow, hat, or small costume. 3 accessories max per worm)

If information is left blank. Then decisions on colour/markings/accessories will be randomized by rolling of a D20

Sketch Commissions
Angry Zebra by Ziratoni
The Boot Fairy by Ziratoni
Party Badger by Ziratoni
No copyrighted characters (Mane six ponies, Link & Zelda, characterized Pokemon, etc.)

Supply links to ref sheets, and content of drawing.
Will do coloured sketch, or monochrome / greyscale

Will not draw porn, tasteful nudes are allowed.
(see below for more commission info)




If you don't want a commission, but would still like to donate. Please Click Here to donate!

Commission Info

Commission prices are listed in CAD(Canadian Currency), and DA :points:
I will only use Paypal when dealing with actual currency commissions.

Traditional and Digital commissions are the same price. Please specify which you'd prefer when ordering a commission

sketch: $1.00 / 80 :points:
Lineart: $2.00 / 160 :points:
flat colour: $3.00 / 240 :points:
shaded: $4.00 / 320 :points: (Simple Background and maximum 2 characters included)
Ref page: $10.00 / 800 :points:
Comic page: (maximum 5 panels, black&white, flat colour) $15 CAD / 1200 :points:

Complex backgrounds and extra characters are $1.00 / 80 :points: each

Want something that's already made and ready to buy? Check out my POINT ADOPTABLES gallery folder


Things I will draw
Characters: animals, furries, humans, nekos, robots, humanoids, and monsters, fan-characters

Subjects: Cuddles, Snuggles, Hugs, Derpy and silly, chibi, tasteful nudes, creepy things.

Things I won't draw

Characters: sparkly/sissy vampires or monsters in general (especially if they are meant to be blood thirsty killers in real mythologies) copyrighted characters

Subjects: erotic or pornographic nudes, realistic portraits (too time consuming), copying or redrawing something from a different artist.

*If you would like vore and belly fetish art. Please visit my side account :iconnomminus:

Heroes Unlimited


is a webcomic based off myself and my wonderful friends should we get the chance to have super powers.
Starring a bunch of dorky friend, a fair collection of which are on DA
:iconbigfroggun: :icondrawing-rainbow: :iconkittyliou: :iconkrizzard: :iconnombiez: :iconpluckycsherman: :iconshadowvalentine94: :iconxoxo-kimiko-xoxo:

If you want to check out the comic, you are more than welcome to visit and/or join our DA group!




:iconpokemon-link-academy: :iconglowwormgardens: :icondilemma-den: :iconheroesunlimited:

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To all those thanking me for faves, llamas, etc.

You are all most lovingly welcome!
I love the spam of thank you's in my comment box, even if I don't respond to all of them.
No really, I do! I appreciate that you were willing to take a few seconds out of your day to say thanks :hug:

Christian Stamp by Astalythe Skillet Stamp by TheSaladMan Superchick stamp by BiggestNarutard Thousand Foot Krutch by FunkyJesusMusic Stamp-Manafest by Jazzy-C-Oaks Skyrim Stamp: Imperial Legion by CapraScriba Fus Ro Dah - Stamp by suzidragonlady Hobbit stamp by purgatori I speak Elvish stamp by purgatori I speak Dwarvish stamp by purgatori Fili and Kili Stamp by forstyy Treebeard Stamp by Captain-Savvy stargate sg-1 stamp by OmegaDreamSeeker11 puddle jumper stamp by OmegaDreamSeeker11 Window of Opportunity by The-Art-of-Stargate Ba'al stamp by Baal-Fan Teal'c - Indeed. by Cathines-Stamps Lazy Town - You Are a Pirate by Cathines-Stamps

Left Over Glow Worms

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 18, 2013, 10:24 PM
:iconheroesunlimited: :iconrandomrave:

Screencap closest to that mark wins a free drawing of your choice.

Check out my Side Account for Vore/Belly artwork:

if you already adopted from my 104 glow worm sheet, you are welcome to adopt again from it now! Keep the 2-worm limit in mind for you second round. (meaning you can buy 2 more worms at most)
104 Glow Worms(CLOSED) by Ziratoni
and the farmer has found some really cool worms lately that you will probably enjoy once the small group of worms are all adopted.

And now a unordered list of my awesome friends and family on DA who you should go stalk cause they deserve the attention 8D
:iconnijixsmallgrey: :iconotackoon: :iconbigfroggun: :icondaemonwhite: :icondrawing-rainbow: :iconwolfandsquid: :iconkittyliou: :iconkrizzard: :iconnombiez: :iconpluckycsherman: :iconseiakucosplay: :iconshadowvalentine94: :iconsilenrea: :iconsummersunshinee: :iconvandervoet: :iconxoxo-kimiko-xoxo: :iconzenny-chan1: :iconzonedragon: :iconalexanderthemog: :iconmomoucka: :iconmariusruman:
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You should join Glow Worm Gardens... :iconglowwormgardens: 

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Glow Worms

Glow Worms!

Glow Worms are a species I created.
They're simple creatures and act a bit like real worms. They burrow and make homes in the dirt, they'll help keep your soil good and sometime even make it glow! You can often find them trudging around in the grass or mud after a good rain, they come out very early morning or late at night. Their glows can often be mistaken for lawn lights or fireflies. Like bees they communicate through 'dances' like a game of charades basically.
Glow worms can make great multi-purpose pets! While they love frolicking in the mud, they can feel right at home in a jar with some dirt and a few twigs and leaves. (Make sure you poke holes in the lid!)
They make handy flashlights for night time reading or camping, or if you're just afraid of the dark and need some comforting light to help you sleep. Or if you've got the graveyard shift at work and need flashlight during the night.
Most glow worms are easily tamed and will accept life as a pet. Their normal lifespan is about 4-5 years, and can grow to about 10 centimeters(4 inches) in length.
in the wild their diet consists of minerals found in the dirt they wiggle about in. In captivity a good sized lettuce leaf or some veggie slices will keep your worm fed for at least a week or more.
They should have a small shallow water dish of some sort in their enclosure as well.
If you are not satisfied with the current colour scheme of your worm, it's easy to induce a change! measure out small amounts of drink crystals or food colouring (2 + 2 + 1) is the ratio for most colour shemes, your first two are for it's base and belly, the second for any markings it might have (if you want multiple coloured markings continue to add +1 part of each colour you desire) either mix it into their water dish, or set aside in the tank/jar as-is. You may have a hyper worm for a little bit, but colour changes are guaranteed.
Breeding them is also very easy! there are an equal number to males as there are females, grab a few and place them in a tank of any size, a damp soil floor is a good idea, and a few small branches with leaves still attached if possible as well as a water dish and some food, turn off the lights and leave your tank alone for a few days and you should find some little dimly glowing wormlings when you return! worms glow brighter until they are considered adults, afterwards they slowly begin to dim with age.
At their brightest point, if taken care of properly can reach common LED light brightness.
They can't turn this glowing off either, it's a constant bit of bioluminescence.

I normally go Glow Worm gathering early morning, or late at night after a good rain, when the birds aren't out and might be sleeping. These are the best times to go looking for them I find :) unless you want to carefully go digging in your garden, just be very careful as glow worms are fairly delicate.


Ziratoni has started a donation pool!
765 / 1,000
always nice to have a few points on hand :heart:

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